Benefits of Facials!

Go ahead, give yourself permission to indulge!!!

Going to the spa for a facial has lasting benefits that can drastically improve the look and feel of your skin. Whether you’re seeking a thorough cleansing, pore refinement or anti-aging benefits, speak to our Master Esthetician about your needs in order to target your specific areas of concern. When you consider all of the regular visits you make (dentist, hair salon, gym), you’ll realize you really should be focusing some of that time on your skin—even if it’s just when seasons change and your skin is at its
most vulnerable. 

Getting facials once a month is a great way to keep looking young. Facials often make use of topical pharmacological agents with anti-aging properties. These agents include antioxidants (such as vitamins, polyphenols, and flavonoids) and cell regulators (such as retinols, peptides, and growth factors). Some common ingredients used in facial products (such as retinol) have been shown to have positive effects on skin aging. Similarly, techniques used during certain facials (such as Microneedling) have been shown to be effective against photo-aging (via epidermal ablation, collagen shrinkage, and other internal processes) that get rid of your pesky wrinkles.

Facials have significant benefits for anti-aging! There are many reasons why your skin may be showing signs of aging. As you grow older, your skin becomes more prone to oxidative damage from the accumulation of too many free radicals. And they can lead to more inflammation and an older appearance. Also, there is a decrease in collagen production, so wrinkles and fine lines begin to form on your skin. Also, with repeated exposure to UV radiation, your skin begins to experience photo-damage (which also gives you a prematurely aged look).

Facials are not just fun pampering treatments you can get with your friends. They are a great way to spend some time on yourself, boost your lymphatic and vascular system, remove acne and hydrate your skin. After the treatment, you will not only feel relaxed but also look beautiful and healthy.

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